"Clinton Roane's Emmanuel well deliniates a follower who is always on the edge of terror and lacking even a veneer of courage." -San Diego Free Press (Yuko Kurahashi) 


"Roane's Little Moe leads a funky, steamy "Fat Like That" with a lot of bawdy pelvic thrusts..." -The Washington Post (Nelson Pressley)


"..."Saturday Night Fish Fry" is a contender for the title of “first rock and roll record”, and a spotlight for Little Moe (Clinton Roane) who knocks it out the park and then takes us to church in his preacher-style rendition of this Louis Jordan hit..."Choo Choo Ch’Boogie" was another multi-million dollar bestseller and Little Moe carries it in a boisterous scat." -DC Metro (Ramona Harper)


"The littlest Moe, nicknamed Little Moe, played with big energy by Clinton Roane, has one of the first high liveliness comic numbers, Louis Jordan and Claude Demetriou’s “I Like ‘Em Fat Like That.” By the end of the number I’ve forgotten my own extra pounds and aching feet and am ready to boogie." -DC Metro (Robert Micahel Oliver)


"Clinton Roane, as Little Moe, shines as he extols the virtues of being a chubby-chaser in “I Like ‘Em Fat Like That!” ..." -DC Theatre Scene (Jeffrey Walker)




"Clinton Roane...lead a highly impressive cast in which each member delivers a true triple threat performance. Their conviction to both thier individual characters and overall style of the show makes for a compelling ensemble performance with not a weak link in sight." (Dom Ohanlon)


"Clinton Roane's Roy also stands out. His slightness contrasts well...They have great chemistry together, and Roane brings a real sensitivity to his performance as he teaches the older boy to write." West End (Adrian Bradley) 


"...earnest Clinton Roane...etch indelible characters." - SF Gate (Robert Hurwitt)


"...there are some charming scenes, such as Clinton Roane’s sensitive, bookish Roy teaching Patterson to write through each letter’s resemblance to breasts (starting, of course, with the letter B)." -The Idiolect (Sam Hurwitt)


"The show’s most affectingly human and intimate scene takes place in “The Box” (solitary confinement) where Patterson is confined for misbehavior. Roy Wright (Roane) teaches Patterson the alphabet, the whole world opens and Patterson vows to write the truth." -Charlene and Brenda in the Blogesphere (Charlene Baldridge)


"...and Clinton Roane as the two Wright brothers are completely believable in their affection for and reliance upon each other, while Clinton’s scenes are heartstopping." -Gather (Paula T.)